Accounting: Myths vs Reality

As an HR and Recruitment agency, we understand how hard is to find the best candidate to handle your accounts. But most of the leaders and small business owners misunderstand the term “Accountant”  and hire a candidate just for there Tax Fillings and preparation.

In this article, In an effort to disqualify many of the misconceptions surrounding the accounting industry hiring:

1. Gender:  The myth about all accountants  Being male is also likely to come
from this fact that most partners and members of accounting firms are male.  Even though executive positions in accounting firms are currently dominated by men, women are growing quickly in the leadership area.

2. Work-Life: Another myth about accountants is that they have no free time.
There is a variety of career in accounting that doesn’t always involve working. Long and strenuous hours. Many jobs in corporate accounting and not-for-profit accounting require a traditional 40 hours work week.

3. Job Role: It is assumed that all accountants are good at math because they work with numbers. It is true that accountants must know how to do basic functions of math, such as adding and subtracting (With the help of a calculator), Accounting is about much more than calculating numbers to help companies make decisions and communicate to clients.

4. Career Choice: Accounting is referred to as the language of business because it provides a standard way to communicate about business activities. The typical industries accountants usually work in include public
accounting, government, no-profit, and private industries. There are also specialized career options that should be looked at closely.

Looking for the best candidates to fit in your organization’s accountant role? We can help you to find the best candidates for hassle-free Hiring.

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