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Apprenticeship – Key to Better Job Opportunity

Students prepare to look for a job after graduation; they stand with one of the most important question with them: what to do next. For some graduates, the choice is easy – might be they have always dreamed to become a doctor, study actuarial science, or get an HR apprenticeship. But for many fresher’s, the judgement can be difficult, and evaluating up the pros and cons of the different career options can be a tricky task.

A university degree has continued to be the most popular choice for graduates, with more than 412,000 university or college places awarded last year. But the number of apprentices has grown rapidly in recent years, likely due to the rise in tuition fees and in order to get better placement opportunity in short span of time.

Companies come through 12 million fresh graduates every year with hardly any employable skills. As a result, 2.8 lakh aspirants are being trained in India under apprenticeship program to make them placeable.

Therefore, undoubtedly – irrespective of the industry – investing in an apprenticeship program can provide real benefits. It will evolve your working skill.

While India is a country that can give a huge opportunity to fresh graduates, the challenges are many because of existing skill gaps. Nobody can deny a fact that a well-designed apprenticeship program can develop skills and help to get better employment option. The Apprenticeship program focus on skill development and highlight the potential of the freshers that can help them land a job.

University degrees are usually based around theoretical education, rather than aiming for a particular career. On the other hand, under apprenticeship, the training and the skills you gain are specific to the particular industry you want to move on. So if you’re confident you want to go into HR, for example, an apprenticeship will be really well focused for that line of work.” Along with that, it will also give a practical exposure and an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.

Apprenticeship ends with a guaranteed job placement within one year. That means you start earning earlier than your batch mates and also you will be more experienced. That’s really great to have more experience than others when you all stand together. Even the period of apprenticeship is also considered as a working experience whereas the formal education in universities isn’t.

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