Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid.

The few people you end up hiring will be pleased that you were overwhelmed with their background and gave a chance to show up with the hiring team whereas the rejected candidates might not even remember you fondly.  And unfortunately, they direct their contempt over the person they met for the first. The Recruiter.

The negative attitude towards recruiter is really unfair. Only one person can be hired for a particular role. Here are a few points that we can come across to be a positive representative towards your company and your profession, regardless of what happens.

Communicate Properly –

Improper communication is one of the most general complaint people have with recruiters. They definitely deserve feedback if they apply for a job.

Imagine what a normal job seeker goes through. They come across an opening they think they are the great fit for and apply for it. They expect a feedback call or mail from the recruiter whether they are shortlisted.

The first week they consider you are busy. After waiting for 10-15 days they have to conclude that they are not selected.

Give them a call or mail if not shortlisted to allow them to start their search again with ease. Or let them know they are shortlisted and you’ll reach out to schedule next interview round or release an official offer. Do not hang them in between. You may even lose a good candidate too.

Don’t give candidates false hope –

Do not give false hope to your candidates stating that “I think you are a great fit” unless you get a green signal from the final decision maker. Try your best to be upfront with the candidate. Do let them know about your expectations and how many people are under consideration and what their probability of getting hired is into the later stages of your hiring process.

This helps people keep reasonable expectation. You can be gracious and encouraging without giving false hope saying, “Team enjoyed meeting you but are talking with a few more candidates”.

Understand the role requirements –

Some candidates get excited about the opportunity you share with them. But one common mistake by the recruiter is hiring the wrong candidate and losing the better one if they do not have the proper understanding of the role requires. That means you should use the right accessing tool and know what specific tasks the role demands. You’ll not only keep the right candidates interested you’ll also be able to identify the ones who aren’t right for the job. I may help you to skip overqualified or under qualified candidates as well. Thorough understanding of the role also helps you to find a candidate who will be responsible for those entire tasks that a position demands. There will be no escaping window for the candidate to avoid working during their work tenure.

Organize the interview –

The opinion of your company in the mind of interviewee will be formed at the time of interview. They come down to an unfamiliar office. Help them to be comfortable before the interview.

Again, communication is the key.  Share the interview schedule with the candidate beforehand so that they can plan their day accordingly. Avoid giving surprises. Also, tell them with whom they will be interviewed so that they can research their background. Also, provide them with directions to your office; it will help them to be present ion time. The more you help them prepare, the better they should be able to present themselves in the interview.

Do your best but remember you can’t please everyone –

Recruiting is a tough job though. The people whose lives you really impact will be far less than the people you couldn’t hire. Follow the above-mentioned tips and the most candidates you meet on will be thankful for that you at least considered them for an interview. A few will be negative but that will tell you that you made a good decision by not bringing them onto your team.

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