It is a fact that, less probably someone will hire you or buy your product if you are unknown to them. Here comes the matter of trust, visibility, etc. It plays a great role in brand building and job hunting as well.

Your CV or resume is the thing that helps interviewers to know about you, but not the only source. If they have already seen your CV and know all about your skills, experience and expertise, what’s the use of face to face interview? It is not to analyse what you know but to understand about you. About you mean who you are.

Know who you are.

You may be known to the fact that we are flooded with choices these days. Decade ago, there used to be very simple keypad mobile phones and no smart phones. Now we have a millions of smart phones to choose from with different brands, colours and features.

Similarly, employers have options to choose from a queue of job seekers with almost similar level of experience. Here how interviewers decide is by analysing who you are. Who you are doesn’t mean only about your name, qualification and experience. There are a lot of people standing out with same education and experience. You must know what makes you different from other applicants. People and brands that do work for themselves and communicate it well to the potential employers, usually do pretty well for themselves.

Getting known and building brand doesn’t always mean what you’ve done or what you’re going to do or who you are.  Nobody wants to know these stuffs. Building your personal brand means to tell how you do what you do, what defines you exactly, It’s about people getting to know about your unique ideas and ways that made you ,matchless, It’s about people getting to know you, like you and choose you over everyone else.

Always remember that your potential employers have infinite options to choose from. They need help making the decision. For better or worse, your answer to who you are can help them for sure.  Know who you are. Be proud and loud. It is possible only when you have zeal to learn new things and move ahead. Career counseling, Interview preparation and apprenticeship can help you to be somewhat different and above of all. Always prepare yourself for the worst and always perform your best.

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