Modern Sales Pitch

Crafting a good sales pitch is not easy.

An elevator pitch seems quite old, but it’s not disappeared – just reincarnated. Now, a sale is not only about a strong pitch but about starting a meaningful conversation. Instead of repeating the same sales pitch in front of every client/customer, initiate a natural conversation in order to ascertain that you give value or help to them.


Target audience doesn’t care about your product or services. They just want to hear how you could help them. Your pitch’s motive is to ask the precise questions to expose specific problems, and listen keenly to see if your product or service can help resolve their problem.

If you feel you can’t help them, it’s fine. At least you had a friendly conversation and successfully increased your connection.

If you find your product or service to be useful for them, your friendly conversation helps them to take the next step and ask for more information. Pitching with the intention to help, works in every situation. You just need to tailor your approach to analyze, answer and solve the problems instantly.


Phrase your pitch in the second person or something related to them instead of using “I help people” or “my company does”.

It will help them more to analyze their problem and relate its solution with your product or service. You can start like –

Have you ever noticed…?

Do you know…?

Doesn’t it seem like…?

Connect them with short story, for example, you want to sell a lottery ticket– There was a lady who used to live in a hut. She didn’t have anything to eat; she had only two pair of clothes and was very poor to see. One day, all of a sudden, everyone noticed, she shifted to a bungalow, dressed up so nicely and went for a dinner outside in a big car.

Wouldn’t you like to know how she became so rich? She did something different, got a lottery, or something else?

Then the person will let you know, this is because of a lottery ticket that she purchased, and her luck turned out to be awesome.

If you want to win, frame your pitch around the audience.


  • Always use real stories and facts. It often increases engagement and trust as well.
  • Be passionate. If you won’t believe your product or services, then why would others?


Never leave the conversation hanging in between. Most people are worried about appearing so pushy or aggressive, but this is a part of sales. Never wait for the customer to make the call to action. This is only the salesperson’s responsibility, and failing to be proactive could result in the meeting or relationship ending before you have met your purpose for coming.

Call to action is necessary with every conversation. Either you can schedule a next meeting, sign up for the demo or ask for a referral.


Not every person you meet will like your product or service. Learn to accept “NO”. Do not take it personally and move to the next target person who would say “YES” to your product or services.

The important thing is you always try to pitch and never give up. As former professional ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

Although effectual, the modern pitch is a genuine way to engage someone in a jointly advantageous conversation.

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