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Tips to connect with your interviewer

There’s a lot of thing that determines your success in an interview. From your body postures and gestures to your resume and portfolio and from timeliness and manners to the questions you ask. It is always suggested to be polite and professional with interviewer. Establishing a good relation with an interviewer can also be a right key to success. If an interviewer is attracted by your professionalism, he or she may feel positive to hire you as an employee.

After all employers look to recruit those people who could interact effectively with colleagues, superiors, subordinates and clients as well. Everybody wants to work in a pleasant environment.

Accordingly, your preparation should be strong enough to grab interviewer’s attention and should be beyond what you say in a meeting. You must also have a plan to relate your interviewer to a personal level. Below are some suggestions that will help you to improve your interview performance. 

Start the interview right away. Greet the person and give a firm handshake as if s/he was the person you were looking to meet. Introduce yourself. This is how your interview will get started.

Be friendly and professional at the same time. Smile whenever appropriate during interview.  Show positive emotions about the position and the company. Interviewers are most likely to select candidates with positive attitude always.

Eye contact. Eye contact is must during interview. Make frequent eye contact with an interviewer to let them know that you are listening carefully. Eye contact must be descent not piercing.

Pay equal attention. In case of multiple interviewers, give proper and equal attention towards all the people sitting there. It is important to generate positive vibes for everyone.

Postures. Sit up straight and lean bit forward to show to engage them and show you are listening and understanding them. Avoid playing with hairs and touching face.

Ask about company culture. Show your interest in company culture. Do ask follow up questions or take an initiative to know about it. It shows your keen interest in job and company.

Thank interviewers. Do not forget to express gratitude for the time and insight they invested as and when you complete the interview.

These tips will definitely help you to create a positive bond with the interviewer and decrease the chances of getting ignored in a pack of interviewees.


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