Why Focusing On Skill Will Help You to Boost Your Payroll.

Do you think you are qualified to fit in a particular job role, lead a team and increase productivity?

If yes, that’s well and good. But how long can you go with the same level of skills you possess. It will be a bottleneck if you do not focus on improving skills.

When it comes to skills, it plays a crucial role to boost your paycheck. If you’re looking to get a promotion, skills you need to improve differ at every pay grade.

As per 2016 Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report, the most desired hard skills by hiring managers are

  • Writing proficiency;
  • Public speaking; and
  • Data analysis.

The most desired soft skills by hiring managers are

  • Critical thinking;
  • Attention to detail; and
  • Communication.

No matter what industry you work in or what job you have or are going after, it helps to know which specific skills you’ll need to get ahead.

Although increasing your overall skill set leads you to a higher paycheck, some of the skills pay more because they are more important to employers. Let us see what skills are they –

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions – Familiarity with the art of Mergers and Acquisitions is also eye-catching to employers in more than one industry. Candidates in business management can expect to get a 16% higher salary with skills in that area, while it can provide an 18% hike to those in business operations. Those dealing with the legal aspects of business could have the benefit of a 23% higher salary if well versed in M&A.


  1. Social Media Skills – Social media literacy is one of the most demanding skills among employers. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, the way of business has entirely changed. It is necessary to not only be aware of these tools but also how to use them effectively for a company’s growth. Just because of this reason of good marketing and high productivity, you can get a boost in your paycheck. Individuals have obtained better jobs and advanced their careers by representing skill with social media.”


  1. Self Management and Initiative – Employers want people with leadership quality. It does mean that a person must possess certain skills to act as a leader and must be capable enough to take initiative and ownership for the work assigned to them. This means they have self-management quality that includes planning, organizing, prioritizing the work and stay on track with the assigned project. Employers avoid spending time and money for such pieces of training. Thus, improvising such skill really boosts your paycheck as compared to those who lack such skill.


Conclusion – Sometimes referred to as “21st-century” skills, above mentioned are the skills that need to be improved throughout your professional career. These open a way that helps you boost your payroll and making you uncommon from others.

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